What we do



Strategic planning with a difference: Rather than produce a soulless plan that will sit on a shelf gathering dust as soon as it’s printed, use a fresh approach to strategic planning that generates energy rather than sapping it. Integrating strategic planning with brand development, we will help you develop a clear vision of where you are headed, create a map of the road you will take to get there, and identify brand pillars to frame your follow-on operational planning.

Business planning: We bring for-profit smarts and nonprofit soul to the task of translating strategy into an actionable business plan through a crisp process that produces tools to move you forward.

Meeting and retreat facilitation: Let us help make your board retreats or planning meetings productive (and fun). We can work with you to design the meeting and develop the agenda, then we can facilitate so that all stakeholders can fully participate. Graphic recording services are also available.



Fundraising Strategy: Work with us to identify potential funders from the full spectrum of sources: foundations, corporate philanthropy and sponsorship programs, government agencies, individuals, and earned revenue. We can also produce an actionable plan and create the tools you need to implement it.

Integrated Planning for Fundraising, Communications, and Partnerships: Fully leverage the three pillars of fundraising, marketing communications, and strategic partnerships by having them work in concert to support resource development. We will identify the synergies and develop a matrix for coordination across all three areas.

Grantwriting: We offer turnkey services, including project management, for grant proposals of all kinds. Complex multi-year proposals, including federal applications, are our specialty.

Other Writing Services include case statements, web site copy, and collateral materials.

More in-depth descriptions of all service products are available on request.